✍️ Automate PHP-CS-Fixer on PhpStorm

Some times ago, @curtchan asked me if there is any articles about how to automate php-cs-fixer with PhpStorm.

Here we go !

Actually it’s really easy, you have to: - Have the php-cs-fixer phar installed inside /usr/local/bin/ directory - Have a .php_cs file on root directory of the project you wanna have this automation

If you have both, just download: this watcher

And to install it on your project, go to: Preferences > Tools > File Watchers

On this page you’ll find a “Import” button (green arrow going inside a square). Click it and use the downloaded watcher.

That watcher will run php-cs-fixer every time you goes through a file from PhpStorm.

Simply ! :-)